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Is the marking effect of Ultraviolet laser marking source good on glass?

Jun 24 , 2022

Is the marking effect of Ultraviolet laser marking source good on glass?


Many times we need to understand the real use of a product, that is, we need to understand it. What is the effect of the real use? There were also many people on the Internet before. Is the presentation effect of meeting the standard good or not? Today I will tell you about it.


First of all, the UV laser marking machine can well control the compliance on glass. Whether it is transparent glass or colored glass, everyone can draw according to good drawings, but it is still a test of the operator's technology. , because most of the marked styles depend on the standard technology, but he can well engrave permanent text and patterns on the glass, or other logos.

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When the UV laser marking machine is set up in the program, it is destined to have a relatively superior marking function. It is very suitable for laser marking on glass. It can be very good, efficient and high-quality according to glass. The colors on it produce very beautiful patterns.


Many people are still curious, because we usually use beer cans and other packaging glass for food, they are worried that after using laser marking, it will cause pollution, in fact, there is no need to worry, because the ultraviolet laser marking machine, he It is zero pollution, and the production process is very safe and hygienic, avoiding the production of chemical substances, and it is very safe to mark a commodity in a short time, and it is also one of the nationally recognized environmental protection technologies.


The UV laser marking machine can directly meet the standard without contact, because it uses a laser machine to emit laser light, and then produces a lasting and environmentally friendly pattern, as long as it is environmentally friendly and healthy , The marking substances used are carefully formulated, because a manufacturer and production place, they all need to be approved by the safety department, so don't worry about these aspects, the technology of UV laser marking machine will not produce some smoke. , and gradually generate some dust, which can also be purified by the equipment in the machine, and then ensure hygiene and cleanliness.


All in all, it is a very good choice for the UV laser marking machine to meet the standards on glass. If it is a company that is related to the production of glass, you can buy a UV laser marking machine, which can achieve very beautiful product patterns and other products. However, the operator also needs to be familiar and efficient to master the operation technology. Only with a better understanding and clarity, can the performance of the machine be better played.


The above content is that the UV laser marking machine is suitable for the relevant content of glass, and I hope that everyone can really understand this content.

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