3W,5W,10W uv laser

UV lasers achieve precise, detailed cuts, minimal kerf widths

Apr 09 , 2021

asers can cut many types of thin metal—including sheet metal and foils—into complex shapes with high precision. Pairing the focused, high-energy laser spot with on-axis gas assist achieves clean cuts that don’t require further processing.


Laser cutting of thin metals is found in many industries, such as automotive, appliances, electronics, energy, medical device manufacturing—and more. Its advantages include:

uv laser

Non-contact cuts. Lasers don’t require sharpening and replacing cutting blades. They also eliminate extra force on the thin metal—preventing warping and other damage.

Precise control. Focused, localized laser energy achieves very narrow cuts with small kerf widths. Lasers can also cut detailed, intricate patterns into sheet metal and thin foils.

No consumables. Unlike other methods, lasers don’t require extra consumables. Plasma cutting, for example, requires specific gas mixtures to cut metals, while water jet cutting uses water and an abrasive mixture that must be replenished and properly dispos

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