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355nm UV laser comes standard with 5W UV laser marking machine

Feb 10 , 2021

355nm UV laser comes standard with 5W UV laser marking machine

In the current non-metal laser marking processing market, including packaging surface marking of medicines, cosmetics, food, gifts, etc., flexible pcb boards, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface coatings, plastic buttons, electronic components, communication equipment, building materials For the marking of other materials, the mainstream processing equipment is a 5W ultraviolet laser marking machine. And the default laser for 5W UV laser marking machine is RFH 355nm UV laser.

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Why is RFH's 355nm ultraviolet laser? Below, the RFH Laser Editor will analyze the reasons for you from the aspects of technology and production.


Technical aspects

RFH's 355nm ultraviolet laser is developed and designed by a top laser research and development team composed of professors, experts and doctors at home and abroad. It has a dedicated application process research and development department, laser research and development department, and electrical research and development department, which is a solid backing for the stable operation of the entire laser system . (The team has obtained 10 national patent certificates, 14 computer software copyright certificates, and won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "Software Enterprise Certification Certificate" and other certificates)


RFH's 355nm UV laser has an independently developed laser dedicated power control system, which can update the power control system functional modules in time, and improve the functional modules according to laser requirements to ensure stability. With unique Q-switching control technology, it is suitable for various laser application control needs, as well as the internal cavity self-purification system, which makes the laser stable operation and long life. And it is an integrated design, which is convenient for the equipment to integrate the high-efficiency laser processing mode you want, and intelligent and automated production can also be competent.




RFH's 355nm UV laser purchases cooperate with domestic and foreign first-line brand suppliers to ensure the quality of each component is stable; each component is strictly tested before production to ensure 100% qualification; the whole production process is in a dust-free workshop and assembly process Rigorous, pre-wiring, testing and sealing, debugging, all levels of check; finished product testing, through strict aging test, power, beam quality, spot ellipticity, beam pointing stability and other product parameters must be 100% up to standard; warehouse quality inspection, strict According to the "Product Storage Inspection Standards", the whole machine parameters and accessories meet the rate of 100% before they are allowed to be put into the warehouse; finally, they are shipped, and the test equipment is turned on again, and the parameters are accurate to 100% before they are allowed to be shipped to ensure that they are in different environments. The consistency of equipment operation.


Because of these two aspects, RFH's 355nm ultraviolet laser has become a laser product that can maintain consistent stable quality, constant beam quality, and high-efficiency power consumption under extreme industrial and scientific research conditions. It has gradually become a 5W ultraviolet laser. The default standard configuration of the standard machine.


After 12 years of hard work, RFH has established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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