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Apple mobile phone shell is marked by RFH355nm ultraviolet laser

Jan 18 , 2021

Apple mobile phone shell is marked by RFH355nm ultraviolet laser

Today, RFH Laser Editor will share a piece of data with you: In the mobile phone processing and manufacturing, more than 70% of the links have applied laser technology. If you don’t believe me, the editor will give you a list of examples: external metal shell brand logo marking, micro-parts cutting and forming, shell laser opening, HOME button laser cutting, screen laser cutting, camera protection lens laser cutting, internal internal component welding , Cutting and marking of medium and circuit boards, etc.


Why do so many processing links use laser technology and its laser equipment? This is the result of the continuous development and improvement of industrial manufacturing: Compared with traditional processing technology, emerging laser processing technology is superior in processing speed and processing accuracy. Of course, the price of laser equipment is also much higher. , But the laser equipment is a one-time investment. For example, a laser marking machine that uses our RFH355nm ultraviolet laser has basically no consumables, and the laser has a long service life, and long-term gains from one investment. If it is a large-scale processing enterprise, the cost will be recovered It's fast. Below, let's go with the editor to learn more about it.


Take the laser marking machine using our RFH355nm ultraviolet laser as an example.


First of all, this RFH laser is a high-quality product, its beam quality is superior (M2<1.2), and it is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges, the pulse width is short (<60ns@100K), and the spot characteristics are perfect (spot ellipse) Degree>90%), with reasonable processing procedures, the processed products will be good products that meet the requirements, that is, the yield rate is high, so it is especially suitable for high-precision, large-scale marking processing, such as the logo marking on the iPhone shell;


Then, durability: RFH has a rigorous quality management system. In terms of procurement, cooperate with domestic and foreign first-line brand suppliers to ensure the stable quality of each component; quality control before production: each component is tested to ensure that the component is 100% qualified before it can enter the production material reserve; Production in dust-free workshop; rigorous assembly process: pre-wiring, testing and sealing, debugging, layer by layer to ensure quality; finished product testing: all products have passed strict aging tests, power, beam quality, spot ellipticity, beam pointing stability, etc. Product parameters need to be 100% up to standard; warehousing quality inspection: strictly in accordance with the "Product Warehousing Inspection Standards", and the machine parameters and accessories meet the rate of 100% before they are allowed to be put in the warehouse; before delivery: restart to check the equipment power and spot ellipticity , Beam direction, performance and other parameters, with an accuracy rate of 100%, before shipment is allowed to ensure the consistency of equipment operation in different environments. This is why the quality of RFH lasers has a good reputation in various application industries at home and abroad.


After 12 years of deep cultivation, RFH Laser has gradually developed into a first-class enterprise supplying first-class quality lasers. At present, we have a top-level laser research and development team composed of professors, experts, and doctors at home and abroad, and have a dedicated application process research and development department, a laser research and development department, and an electrical research and development department. We independently develop a laser dedicated power control system, which is integrated Electric appliance + laser + cooling system A complete set of laser processing system to ensure the overall stability.


In the years of R&D and innovation, we have obtained 10 national patent certificates, 14 computer software copyright certificates, and won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "Software Enterprise Certification Certificate" and other certificates, and Appointed as the governing unit by Guangdong 3D Printing Industry Innovation Alliance and Guangdong Laser Industry Association, it has established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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