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Application of laser marking on watches

Mar 04 , 2021

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Application of laser marking on watches 

Watches can be seen everywhere in life. Watches are not only used to see the time, but also a highlight of identity. It embodies the wisdom of countless people and reveals the charm of art invisibly. However, when the watch is worn on the hand, the appearance is often affected by wear, scratches, scratches, etc., so extremely precise and dexterous processing techniques are required in the manufacturing process.

Stainless steel is the most widely used watch material. The watch made of stainless steel has a brightness close to a mirror surface, and has a tough and cold touch, which is loved by the people.

The watch has a very small space during the entire processing process, and it is necessary to maintain vigilance from time to time. It requires constant review, weighing and making decisions. Every manufacturing process is quite complicated and requires close cooperation, paying attention to every detail, minor errors and a little flaw will affect the quality of the entire watch. As a direct influence factor of the appearance of the watch, the information mark occupies a very important position in the manufacturing process of the watch, and is directly related to the first impression the product gives to the customer. In the past, we used traditional processing methods for processing, which was not only very complicated in operation, but also difficult to guarantee quality.

Now using the laser marking machine provided by Triumph Laser—laser marking technology for information marking on the outer surface has the following advantages:

1. Not only can the production cost of the watch be reduced, and the consumables can be reduced, at the same time the extremely delicate marking effect is an enhancement of the added value of the product, making the product more competitive in the market.

2. Permanent mark to improve anti-counterfeiting ability;

3. Increasing added value, the extremely delicate marking effect is an enhancement of the added value of the product, making the produc

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