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Application of uv laser marking machine on ceramic

Mar 11 , 2021

Application of laser marking machine on ceramic

The use of ceramics is very extensive, including tableware, sanitary ware, building supplies, etc. How to use the laser marking machine to mark ceramics? What laser source should I use? How much power? How to make the trademark LOGO of ceramic tile more anti-counterfeiting and high-grade matching?

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Laser marking ceramics

Traditional sanitary ceramic trademarks use a firing process, which is difficult to change due to high cost and easy to fall off printed trademarks. However, the latest technology now uses a laser marking machine to engrave on ceramics.


Ceramic laser marking machine is also called CO2 laser marking machine.It adopts CO2 radio frequency laser and high-speed scanning galvanometer system. Equipped with high-quality optical devices, high-stability laser power supply, and fully automatic control system. The whole system has high marking accuracy, fast speed, extremely stable performance, and can work continuously for a long time.


The Triumph CO2 ceramic laser marking machine is mainly used to engrave some simple information such as logos, characters, patterns, etc., which require permanent marking. It has been able to meet the precision processing of some figures, characters, patterns and other information of ceramics, making it highly artistic and fashionable. For some trademarks, batch numbers, dates, or patterns and numbers that have specific needs, laser marking machines can achieve very delicate marking effects, giving ceramic products a different fashion charm.


At the same time, the marking effect is durable, wear-resistant, non-fading, clear, and texture. Not only will it not affect the original quality of ceramic products, but the ceramic CO2 laser marking machine has further increased the price and value of ceramic products, making consumers more happy To accept. With the rapid development of laser technology, the application in the field of ceramic technology has become more and more in-depth, providing more possibilities for modern ceramic manufacturers and making ceramic products more exquisite. To


Generally, the co2 laser marking machine is selected for marking on ceramics. What is printed is no color. After burning it out, add a layer on the surface, and then use co2 to mark off the surface layer to produce logo characters, patterns, etc. There is also a choice of UV laser marking machine, which belongs to the cold laser technology, directly marking on the ceramic, the color of the marking is gray-black.


The CO2 laser marking machine uses a laser engraving machine to make poetry and painting on the ceramic body, interpreting the sometimes elegant, sometimes classical, sometimes beautiful, and sometimes playful ceramic cup art world. At the same time, the marking effect is long-lasting, wear-resistant, non-fading, clear, and texture. Not only will it not affect the original quality of ceramic products, but it will also further increase the value of ceramic products and make consumers more willing to accept it.


So how much power can the laser marking machine use to mark on ceramics?


The effect of laser marking on ceramics largely depends on the type of ceramics. Under normal circumstances, a little bit of material is always removed. Household ceramics such as porcelain can be carved. This involves the removal of glaze and depends on the laser power. If you cover the surface with masking tape in advance, and the surface is designed to be colored, you can get a good marking effect. Industrial ceramics usually have heat-resistant properties, the surface is smoother, and the engraving effect looks particularly neat.


CO2 laser marking machine 50w


Since laser marking on ceramics requires a higher laser power, a CO2 laser marking machine need at least 30 watts or more is generally used. Triumph CO2 laser marking machine has a variety of powers of 30W, 60W, 100W, etc. The CO2 laser marking machine produced by Triumph has a complete range of styles and models. Triumph Laser offers free samples to customers and selects the most suitable CO2 laser marking machine for customers.

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