3W,5W,10W uv laser

Automatic UV Laser Marking technology

Feb 23 , 2021


Conventional Systems

Conventional marking methods are not necessarily unreliable. Hand stamping tools are available in multiple modes. From hand-held metal punches to simple ink stamps, a vast array of tools is available to cater to user needs. However, there are several limitations to their usage. First and foremost is the limited volume they can cater to. A user will only be able to stamp a few items and human limitations reduce output capacity. The second factor is that of reliable repeatability. Conventional methods involve human input. Reliably repeating a process is not consistent with human nature. To err is human after all. Concerns of quality and accuracy are extensions of the points above.

To address these concerns and more, the marking industry responded by automating the process and building an array of tools for customers to choose from. For automation of manufacturing, quality control, and material handling processes, automatic marking systems play a pivotal role. Machines and systems receive individual production information from machine-readable data that customers mark on their products. This data is in use throughout the production line and supply chain. Identification data in the form of data matrix codes, QR codes, and bar code labels are in use to automatically control downstream manufacturing processes. Such is the world of ‘smart factories’.

Why We Need Automatic Marking Solutions

Marking usage varies from industry to industry. For some businesses, it is purely about branding and embellishment. Others have to do so to comply with the regulatory requirements. For instance, a leather goods manufacturer may wish to engrave its logo on one of the faces of its products. This is entirely an activity revolving around the brand and how it aims to market itself. An airbag manufacturer, on the other hand, needs to take its marking requirements much more seriously because of the consequences. Not only does the regulation bind them, but for the sake of the safety of their users, they need quick and rel

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