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Can the laser welding machine weld aluminum?

Mar 04 , 2021

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Can the laser welding machine weld aluminum? 

The range of use of laser welding machine is very wide. All metal materials are suitable for welding with laser welding machine. Stainless steel is the best material for welding. Aluminum, copper, etc. have higher metal reflectivity and alloy composition. , For ordinary laser welding, it is easiest to explode if the zinc content is large. Can aluminum be welded by laser welding machine? The following will be explained by the technicians of the manufacturer Triumphlaser:

Aluminum profiles are widely used in all walks of life, most of the aluminum profile products in the manufacturing process, the welding process is indispensable, because the traditional welding methods have many drawbacks and hazards, coupled with the maturity of laser welding technology At a reasonable price, most companies are already using new high-tech equipment-laser welding machines for welding.

The spot pattern of the laser welding machine determines the material to be welded. A good spot pattern can weld a wider range of materials with better results. The laser welding machine not only has the advantages of many traditional welding methods, but also can weld many special materials. It has many advantages such as cost saving, high quality, high speed and flatter welding area.

1. It is an ideal laser welding tool and can completely replace the traditional spot welding machine.

2. Cost saving-no need for expensive fixtures.

3. High speed-welding speed is twice that of traditional spot welding.

4. High quality-based on the reliable welding quality at the welding line, higher welding strength and hardness can be obtained.

5. Smoother-Compared with spot welding, it can effectively reduce the protrusion of the welding area; Almighty-It is safer to weld special materials.

Traditional aluminum alloy welding process: large product deformation, slow welding speed, and low production efficiency. Due to the large welding deformation, the subsequent correction work often wastes a lot of time, increases the m

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