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DPSS vs. Fiber Lasers

May 10 , 2021

DPSS vs. Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers are compact, rugged, reliable, & reasonably priced. So, why choose DPSS over fiber? DPSS lasers provide the same benefits fiber lasers offer, plus a host of additional benefits, allowing the versatility, precision, and quality you need for a vast range of applications. The DPSS lasers from Bright Solutions boast a rugged, fixed laser cavity design, resulting in a compact and reliable laser. Shorter pulse widths inherent to DPSS lasers result in higher peak powers with less heat affected zone (HAZ). With integrated doubling and tripling harmonic crystals, DPSS lasers enable easy access to more wavelength options (e.g. 532nm) and therefore, more application capabilities. Finally, Bright Solutions continuously improve their products and offer extensive customization to further benefit your application.

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