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fiber laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutter

Mar 07 , 2021

uv laser

The cutting principle adopted by the fiber laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutter. During the cutting process, the laser emits countless high-performance, high-energy laser rays. The huge energy generated by these laser rays can instantly transform The cut surface is vaporized so that the very hard interface can be easily removed. At present, this process is still one of the most advanced cutting processes, no other cutting process can surpass it, and this cutting process is very fast in the cutting process, it can easily cut very thick steel plates in an instant, and cut The accuracy of the cutting is also very accurate. The accuracy of the cutting cross section is about 0.01mm, which can complete some high-demand cutting requirements.

Second, the cutting performance is very stable

In the cutting process of this kind of laser cutter, the world’s top laser is used which is extremely stable. The service life of this kind of laser will be as long as several decades. In addition to human factors, there is almost no Produce any system failure, so continuous and efficient production operations can be achieved

Third, the mechanical operation process is very convenient

In the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, all information and energy transmission are transmitted through optical fiber. The biggest advantage of transmission in this way is that it saves a lot of manpower and material resources. No any optical path leakage will occur. And without any optical path adjustment before using the device, energy can be easily transferred to the laser.

Fourth, the volume of the machine itself is small

This kind of laser cutter has only one core component, the laser source, and the laser has a very small production volume, which does not occupy a lot of space like other cutting products of the same type, so the overall volume of the machine will be reduced a lot. Whether in the process of mechanical production or transportation, it can reduce a lot of manpower and material resources for us.


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