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Gold laser engraving using fiber laser is a particularly apt technology

Mar 25 , 2021


35W green laser

Gold laser engraving using fiber laser is a particularly apt technology because it results in less wastage of material. The quality and reliability of this metal is unparalleled. The gold laser engraving machine can produce high-quality engravings that are permanent, accurate, and legibly display even the smallest details. The software allows jewelry makers to very easily load images and produce models before marking on the actual jewelry. The accuracy and reliability of the gold laser marking machines are highly prized when working with precious metals a mistake in this field could prove to be very costly.


With this in mind, the annealing has become the standard process for etching, engraving, marking or cutting this material. In annealing, no colour change occurs on the surface during oxidation of the material without any material loss. Since gold is a very soft metal, marking it successfully requires high-speed and very little power – with just a 20W laser, a simple design is completed in a few seconds.


Whether it is to create a classical style gold engraving, engrave rings, add a special inscription to a watch, decorate a necklace and pendants or to personalize a bracelet by engraving it, a fiber laser offers you the opportunity to work on countless shapes and gold materials. Functional markings, patterns, textures, personalization and even photo-engravings can be achieved using a gold laser marking machine.

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