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How do I cut a phone’s tempered glass screen protector by green laser?

Apr 23 , 2021

How do I cut a phone's tempered glass screen protector by green laser?

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green laser

3 Answers

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It's impossible, you need a special laser to perfectly cut glass.. otherwise, you will simply crack the glass if you tried to use scissors or a knife (even if you did cut it without breaking the glass, it will be very imperfect and the edges will stick out and be very sharp). You need to be a very skilled craftsman with special tools normal people don't have.


Just buy the correct tempered glass screen protector for your phone. If you buy it from China directly, it would cost a dollar or two.. otherwise they usually cost $8–12 from USA sellers online.


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Short answer, you can't. Tempered glass is under stress and can not be cut.


But, are you sure it is tempered glass, i have had a few screen protectors and they all chip on the side or crack across the screen. Which can not happen with tempered glass.


Try cutting it with a glass cutter and breaking it on the line. You will have to polish the cut edge with a fine sand paper.



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Originally Answered: How do you cut a tempered glass screen protector?

One can’t cut tempered glass - the first scratch/cut will cause the glass to fragment into 100s of small pieces.


wikipedia’s explanation is clear


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