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How to choose a laser marking filed lens that suits you?

Feb 19 , 2021

Our common lenses in laser marking machines are 50*50mm, 110*110mm, 150*150mm, 175*175mm, 220*220mm, 300*300mm, 500*500mm, etc.


How to choose lenses is actually how to choose focal lengths, which are mainly determined by several factors?

1. The size of the marked object

2. The size of the marking range

3. The precision of processing and the overall matching of equipment


uv laser

Humma brand fiber laser marking machine


When the object is relatively large and the marking range is enlarged, the required lens is relatively large.

Manufacturers usually like to enlarge the marking range. However, if only seeking to increase the scanning area, many problems will arise.



When the scanning area reaches a certain level, the diameter of the spot obtained is very large, the focus is not small enough, the spot becomes larger, the power and density of the laser drop quickly, and the lengthening of the working distance will also cause the loss of laser energy, which is not conducive to Precision Machining.


In addition, when choosing the focal length, you must also consider the configuration of your equipment.


If your equipment is a laser marking machine or a 20W fiber marking machine, humma recommends that the lens should not exceed 300*300. The larger the laser lens, the The consumption of the laser is also great, the quality of the beam is not good, and the marking effect will be reduced.



Therefore, we recommend choosing a field lens with a small area when meeting the requirements. If a larger area is required, it is recommended to increase the marking area while upgrading the overall configuration of the machine, such as power, scanning galvanometer, etc.

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