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How to choose a reliable UV laser manufacturer?

Dec 26 , 2020

First of all, let’s see the categories of UV laser. Currently, UV laser can be categorized as air cooled UV laser and water cooled UV laser. As the name suggests, that means UV laser is cooled by air and water. Generally speaking, for high power UV laser, it adopts water cooling, for it generates quite a lot of heat during operation. Otherwise, air cooling is used. Comparing with air cooling, water cooling is more powerful in cooling ability but has larger size and more power consumption. Therefore, you can choose the ideal UV laser of proper power based on your actual production needs and cost budget.



For the time being, the number of domestic UV laser manufacturers is not big and RFH is ranked as a top manufacturer among those. The UV laser produced by RFH is counted as first-class level with excellent performance, stable processing effect, high processing speed and high cost effectiveness.



But one thing should be added. When it comes to choosing a reliable manufacturer, after-sales service should also be taken into account in addition to product quality



All of RFH lasers are under 18-month warranty, which is 6 months longer than that of most of the companies. This indicates our confidence in our product quality as well as our well-established management system.


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