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Laser engraving machine for metal

Mar 03 , 2021

Laser engraving machine for metal

Metal laser engraver technology has become so useful that it is now being used in both big industries and small-scale applications. Industrial parts such as pipes, fittings, pump casings, and motor parts often receive the metal engraving machine treatment for parts numbers, tracking numbers, serial numbers and company branding.

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Despite the prevalence of alternative materials, there is no doubt that metals remain the workhorse of the manufacturing industry. Metals provide a unique combination of durability, workability, heat and chemical resistance, and visual appeal that makes them the material for choice for several industrial and commercial applications. Marking and engraving of metals parts have practically become an essential part of working with metals, whether it is for traceability purposes or as a visual enhancement. To this end, laser engraving machines for metal have become a standard tool for industries that heavily use metals such as engineering, manufacturing, and jewelry making, among others.


With highly customisable parameters and a variety of laser types, laser systems for metal have quickly become the technology of choice for the permanent and high-quality marking of metal items. Different metals have different demands – some may be harder than others, while some may be highly reflective – and the versatility of laser solutions gives it all the tools to handle these demands.



For manufacturers of these engineering parts, a good traceability system is a vital part of quality monitoring. The use of a laser etching machine for metal ensures that these traceability marks are permanent and will remain legible for a long time – especially useful for parts that undergo a lot of friction and heat.


Outside of major engineering parts, a metal etching machine can also be used to make legible marks on common engineering tools such as callipers, wrenches, and drill bits. Some of these parts are incredibly small, making laser engraving a particularly suitable technology for marking characters that are still legible at 1-point size. In the case of callipers and other measuring tools, the precision and accuracy of the markings are key. The automated process of a metal etching machine delivers superior repeatability and consistency, ensuring that engineering measuring tools have ticks and readings that are marked and positioned accurately.


Engineering parts and tools go through a lot of stress under normal use. Pipe fittings come into constant contact with reactive fluids, motor parts are in a constant state of vibration, while the regular use of tools results in eventual wear and tear. For proper traceability, it is critical that essential marks can withstand abrasion, heat, and corrosive fluids. All of these are achievable by using a metal engraving machine, although different treatments can be used for different materials and applications.


It is also essential that the structural integrity of the part or tool marked does not suffer because of the etching process. A metal engraving machine removes only a thin layer of metal material to make permanent marks – not enough to cause any structural damage. The technology of annealing metal is especially interesting, as it does not remove material at all but instead alters the metal at a molecular level to result in a change of colour.


Whatever application a laser is used for, it gives mostly the same benefits of being faster than traditional methods, making permanent and legible marks with a high degree of detail, being very reliable, and being the more cost-effective option. Whether it is for traceability, branding, customisation, or personalisation, laser marking is far and away the best technology available for marking and engraving of different types of metal.

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