3W,5W,10W uv laser

Laser engraving on watch

Mar 31 , 2021

Watch Laser engraving in the watch industry is important for identification and traceability. Part numbers, serial numbers as well as data matrix codes, decorative markings such as logos and graphics, are engraved to watch parts, e.g. clockwork components, crowns, housings, watch case backs or dials.

The advantage of watch laser engraving here is clearly the high precision so that even the smallest laser markings can be carried out efficiently, quickly and with high precision on wristwatches. Suitable materials for laser engraving include, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, brass, gold and other precious materials, leather, etc.

With a fiber laser, clockwork components, oscillation weights, bezels, crowns, housings, watch case backs or dials are laser-engraved while leather wristbands for wrist watches, silicone and elastomers for watch parts such as seals or also sapphire glass are engraved with watch laser engraving machine.

uv laser

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