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Laser marking on automotive

Mar 30 , 2021

The automotive industry is a very large industry that has transformed all of our lives. Automotive laser marking in the manufacturing process in the automotive industry is no new thing. It is said that a car is made up of approximately 30,000 parts, this however varies from car to car.

Automotive laser marking is the most effective method to trace a component, regardless of whether it’s made of plastic or metal, as the code you mark is permanent. Alphanumeric number sequences and complex codes are marked on different parts of automobiles just for traceability. Alldo Tech lasers are an ideal tool that can apply codes and other contents to almost all materials in the automotive industry with high contrast finish.

The automotive laser marking method provides advantages such as marks that are tamper proof, marks that do not fade, and low running costs. Examples of laser marks for the automotive industry. Automotive laser marking is done on automotive parts not for traceability only, but also for design purposes.

uv laser

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