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Learning 5 kinds of Laser Marking Machines

Feb 23 , 2021

Laser marking is a revolutionary technology that is currently used for a very wide variety of applications.

It is applicable in many forms, from engraving, annealing, foaming to staining and removing techniques.

To choose what technique and what machine to use for each desired application is what most people have to worry about.

This is because different surfaces have different requirements, and different machines have been designed for use in different ways.

So take some 10 minutes of your time and let Heatsign Marking show you how to distinguish the type of machine you need for your applications.

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What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is the process that labels a material using a focused laser beam. When the laser beam interacts with the surface of the material, it alters the appearance of the marked area to display a desired design.

This is achieved through discoloration, which happens when the low-powered laser beam hits the marked area. Laser marking makes it possible to create high-contrast high-precision marks without disrupting the surface of the actual material.

This is the main difference between laser marking and laser engraving, which is a subtractive process that leaves indentations on the surface.

What this article is all about

The purchase of a laser marking machine need not feel or look technical at all.

In fact, most marketing pitches simply overwhelm potential buyers with details they do not need when making a choice to buy laser marking machines.

However, you almost always must research to establish the choice of machine that best suits your needs.

There are five main types of laser markers;

Fiber laser machines,

Green laser machines,

UV laser machines,

CO2 laser machines,

Mopa laser machines.

The type of machines you require for different materials will be different. This is because laser engraving can be done on many types of materials including various types of metal, plastic, glass, wood, paper, ceramic and even stones.

Selecting the wrong equipment to buy can therefore be a painful and expen

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