3W,5W,10W uv laser


Jan 29 , 2021


Laser engraving soft materials, such as silicone, ceramic, glass, and thin metals, has long been a challenge for manufacturers. While most shorter wavelength lasers (or “cold” lasers) lack the power needed for fast marking, MECCO recently annouced a new marking solution product for manufacturers needing to mark for soft or heat-sensitive materials with greater efficiency.


The 20W SMARTmark® Green Laser marking machine delivers the highest output power available in the green laser market. The result is faster marking speeds than competitors can offer, combined with the excellent marking performance MECCO is known for.


Traditionally, marking or engraving softer materials posed many challenges for manufacturers. To avoid damaging or altering the part surface, these materials require a shorter laser wavelength. However, previously available “cold” laser solutions offered only lower power outputs, which slowed marking speeds and ultimately reduced overall operational efficiency.



MECCO’s SMARTmark Green Laser, however, is the only machine of its kind that combines a 532 nm wavelength with 20 watts of peak power. This makes it is a highly efficient and versatile solution for a wide range of applications, from marking and engraving to cutting. With the capability to create clean, hygienic marks without altering the material surface, it is also ideal for engraving medical devices.



“The Green Laser gives our customers options they never had before,” said Bill Holtzman, Strategic Account Manager at MECCO. “They no longer have to forego speed and operational efficiency to create clean, readable permanent marks on soft materials.”



As part of MECCO’s innovative line of SMARTmark laser products, the Green Laser integrates seamlessly with existing equipment and assembly lines. This machine can also enable industrial data collection by connecting to a database. Companies using a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) can use EtherMark® integration software, which communicates using EtherNet/IP™ protocol, to connect their t

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