3W,5W,10W uv laser

Non-contact laser systems for precise wire stripping

Apr 27 , 2021

Mechanical, chemical and heat-based wire stripping methods require frequent cleaning, maintenance and adjustment and can also damage the conductor. Laser-based wire stripping overcomes these challenges. This non-contact approach keeps the conductive material and shield intact—eliminating weak spots for breakage or conductor resistance.

At CMS Laser, we’ll design a wire stripping system that meets your every production need. We can even combine wire marking and cutting processes within the same footprint—extending your capabilities without adding floor space.


During the stripping process, dual lasers strip both sides of the wire simultaneously—eliminating wire movement and reducing strand variance.

Insulation removal down to 0.001-inch tolerances.

The insulating material absorbs the laser’s wavelength but is reflected by the metal—causing no damage to the conductive strand.

Galvo-directed laser beams move in any direction—enabling complex stripping options.

Versatile transport systems handle wire and cable gauges from 6 to 26. They also produce 200-foot lengths with less than 0.1-inch variance.

Our systems process most wire and cable types: round, twisted pair, flat, shielded, ribbon, coaxial and multi-conductor.

Lasers can be used to strip coatings on copper and aluminum (magnet) wires through an ablation process.

uv laser

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