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Pet film processing customers use peer UV lasers to reduce the power of 3W to 1.5W

Apr 19 , 2021

Pet film processing customers use peer UV lasers to reduce the power of 3W to 1.5W

PET film, also known as high temperature resistant polyester film, has the characteristics of good transparency, non-toxicity, impermeability, and light weight. Therefore, it is often used to make packaging materials such as edible oil bottles, condiment bottles, and cosmetic bottles.


But to mark the production date, code, two-dimensional code and other information on the PET film, it is the UV laser. Ultraviolet laser is a cold light source, and the thermal effect is particularly small during laser cutting or marking, and it is more suitable for surface processing of PET film that is more sensitive to thermal effects. Ultraviolet laser marking speed is very fast, the beam can move at high speed up to 5-7 meters/second, and the output beam quality is good, the performance is stable, and it can accurately engrave clear and beautiful characters and patterns on PET materials.


Mr. Zhou, comes from a PET film processing material manufacturer in Shenzhen. This time, it is necessary to purchase a batch of 3W ultraviolet lasers for marking the date on the PET film. Mr. Zhou said that he had used a certain brand of UV laser on the market before, but it did not take long after it was put into use that the power was attenuated. The 3W power of the laser dropped to 1.5W, which seriously affected the production schedule and caused a headache. While hesitating, I heard from my colleagues that RFH UV lasers have a good reputation in the industry and have high power stability.


As the saying goes, the next month comes first. RFH's headquarters is also in Shenzhen. I hope I can make samples at the company next week.

Thank you very much for Mr. Zhou's trust and support to RFH, and look forward to our further cooperation.


"±0.01mm high precision", "high power stability", and "high cost performance" are the core advantages of RFH UV lasers

There is a reason for the high power stability of RFH UV lasers.

One. All UV laser products are produced strictly in accordance with the "Quality Management System" regulations

From procurement-pre-production quality inspection control-rigorous assembly process-finished product testing-warehousing quality inspection-pre-delivery inspection-after-sales service, each level is checked to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. This is the reason why the service life of RFH brand lasers is better than that of peers


two. UV lasers are produced in a dust-free workshop

The clean production environment ensures that all electronic components are produced dust-free and free from pollution.


three. A team of professors at home and abroad independently researched and developed a special power supply control system for S9 UV lasers. The power supply and the laser have a one-to-one correspondence. The stability of the power supply control system determines whether the laser can maximize its performance during operation. RFH has the advantages of independent research and development of power supply technology, which can update the function modules of the power control system in time, and improve the function modules according to the needs of the laser. 13 years of R&D technology accumulation, domestic and foreign professors, doctoral R&D team. This is a solid backing for the stable operation of RFH's entire laser system.

 4. Power supply + laser head + cooling system, complete system sales From the user's point of view, RFH has launched a complete laser system sales plan to ensure the stability of the entire laser system and its best performance


What's more worth mentioning is that all RFH UV lasers adopt full digital display, support communication with computers, and can remotely monitor lasers. The integrated compact design facilitates equipment integration.

 Each laser product developed and produced by RFH can maintain consistent and stable quality, constant beam quality, high-efficiency power consumption under extreme conditions of industry and scientific research, and has won all walks of life at home and abroad with excellent cost performance and high reliability. Industry users are highly recognized and have a good reputation. After 13 years of hard work, we have established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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