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RFH nanosecond UV laser for high-precision marking of PVC plastic materials

Jan 15 , 2021

RFH nanosecond UV laser for high-precision marking of PVC plastic materials


Although many manufacturers have begun to try to apply wireless charging to smartphones, charging via mobile phone data lines is still the main method. Although there are many kinds of mobile phone data cables, most of the mobile phone data cables are relatively small in diameter, below 5mm. If you look closely, you will find that there are some very, very marked information, such as the manufacturer's brand logo, manufacturing materials, etc. So, how is this small information marked up? Let's listen to the RFH laser editor slowly speaking.

uv laser

The outer layer of some current charging data cables is generally made of PVC series plastic material. If ordinary inkjet marking is used, the marked information and pattern are not strong and easy to be worn off; if laser is used, strict control is required Good laser power and other parameters, because PVC material has a low melting point, too much laser energy can easily burn the material. At present, ultraviolet laser is the main equipment in the data line marking processing market. The nanosecond UV laser supplied by RFH is one of the first-class marking equipment.


RFH lasers are widely used in these common industries for data line marking. After many years of technology research and development, our products are becoming more and more mature, and have been targeted at laser end users and system integrators, covering the range of laser pulse energy, average power and repetition frequency from the green to deep ultraviolet range of lasers. It can be applied to a variety of laser fields, such as consumer electronics, electronic circuits, packaging and printing, solar energy, lithium batteries, semiconductor microelectronics, panel displays, jewelry, biomedicine, automotive industry, aerospace and other fields. Therefore, many manufacturers like to use our laser products, and mobile phone line marking is no exception.


Our Expert Ⅱ series of nanosecond UV diode-pumped pulsed solid-state lasers is a product that manufacturers like for mobile phone data line marking manufacturers. It has superior beam quality (M2<1.2), which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges, as well as shorter pulse width (<60ns@100K) and perfect spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90%), especially suitable for high Precision marking and processing make the marking delicate and clear without "burning". At the same time, it is so "smart" and "multi-talented". It has an integrated integrated design and unique Q-switching control technology, which is suitable for various laser application control needs. In addition to marking, it can also perform precision processing such as scribing.


First-class enterprise, create first-class quality. RFH has been committed to the research and development of laser systems for 12 years. It has established a top laser research and development team composed of professors, experts and doctors at home and abroad. It has set up application process research and development department, laser research and development department, electrical research and development department, and independent research and development of laser dedicated power control system , To provide users with a complete laser system solution, so that each laser product can maintain consistent and stable quality under harsh industrial and scientific research conditions, and thus has won high recognition and good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad. The nanosecond laser industry has established an outstanding brand image.

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