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RFH nanosecond UV laser for marking plastic barcodes and QR codes

Jan 21 , 2021

RFH nanosecond UV laser for marking plastic barcodes and QR codes

RFH has invested a strong lineup in the field of plastic marking barcodes and QR codes: domestic and foreign experts and PhD R&D teams

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Scanning codes is something we do every day. Three meals a day, commuting to and from get off work by public transportation, and shopping, all need to take a mobile phone out to scan. It is a gift from the development of science and technology. It reduces the trouble of finding cash, turning over information, and running errands. At the same time, it also greatly promotes the development and progress of society. Next, let’s take a look at the functions and production processes of barcodes and QR codes applied to plastic packaging with RFH laser.


The barcode and QR code on the plastic packaging contain a lot of information, such as the name of the product, the country of production, the manufacturer, the date of production, etc. These information are not only a certificate of the product, but also a guarantee for consumers to ensure the source of the product , The production process is all genuine products that meet the relevant requirements, so these barcodes and QR codes also shoulder the heavy responsibility of quality and anti-counterfeiting. How are these barcodes and QR codes on plastic packaging made? Next, RFH laser will give you a detailed introduction:


Equipment required for production: assembly line, UV laser marking machine and cooling system.

Production process: The ultraviolet laser in the ultraviolet laser marking machine emits a high-energy beam. The beam irradiates the surface of the plastic material. The surface of the plastic is instantly vaporized, and then the surface of the plastic material is left with a marking mark, which is the preset marking pattern .


RFHExpert Ⅱ 355 series ultraviolet solid-state laser is a high-quality laser used by many manufacturers of ultraviolet laser marking machine on the market. It has a short pulse width (<14ns@30K), superior beam quality (M2<1.2), strict guarantee in all frequency ranges, and perfect spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90%). The ultra-fine and stable light quality allows it to easily mark bar codes, two-dimensional codes and other pattern information, and it is not harmful to the environment and meets the requirements of the environmental protection policy of industrial processing in the new era.


The core components of Expert Ⅱ 355 series ultraviolet solid-state lasers come from imported brands, and the parts come from domestic first-line brands. The quality is guaranteed in the procurement of parts; then it is developed and debugged by the RFH doctoral team, and produced through a rigorous production management system. Perform secondary tests during storage and delivery to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters to protect the interests of customers.


In addition to being stable and durable, the RFHExpert Ⅱ 355 series ultraviolet solid-state lasers also contain independent research and development technologies such as fully digital intelligent power control technology, as well as technical systems such as Q-switching control technology, support and computer communication, and are very suitable for laser marking, Engraving processing improves the production efficiency of manufacturers.


After 12 years of hard work, RFH Laser has established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond laser industry.

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