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RFH UV laser for UV FPC laser cutting machine

Jan 13 , 2021

RFH UV laser for UV FPC laser cutting machine

FPC, which is the flexible circuit board we usually talk about, has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, and good flexibility. Many laser technologies are used in the production of FPC, such as laser precision marking, laser etching, laser hollowing, and laser cutting. Today, RFH will briefly introduce laser cutting as an example. (Other laser processes have also been introduced in previous information releases)

uv laser

At present, the laser used in the laser cutting process of FPC is a 355nm ultraviolet laser with a power of 8W to 10W. It is the same as other circuit board cutting and processing. The 355nm ultraviolet laser is used because of its beam quality. The ultraviolet laser is a "cold light source", and its laser cutting heat affected zone is very small. For example, a certain type uses RFH (Excellence Series) ultraviolet solid The laser FPC laser cutting machine has a cutting heat-affected zone as small as 10μm, which is very helpful to improve production efficiency. The reasons are as follows:


1. As we all know, laser cutting uses high-energy laser beams to burn materials to achieve the purpose of cutting materials. Therefore, the smaller the heat-affected zone of cutting, the less the burned area, which can make greater use of FPC materials and produce greater production benefits;

2. The smaller the cutting heat-affected zone, the smaller the impact on the cut product, and even the subsequent reprocessing can be omitted, thereby increasing the processing yield and production efficiency.

3. The RFH ultraviolet laser is an integrated design. It can be applied directly without worrying about how to match the power supply and other accessories. It can also be applied to the processing of a variety of materials. One machine with multiple uses can save the construction cost of high new product lines;


Because our UV lasers can maintain consistent, stable and durable quality, they have won high recognition from thousands of users. When purchasing laser cutting machines, many manufacturers will pay attention to whether the lasers they use are produced by our RFH. Such a good reputation is not easy for RFH.


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