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RFH UV laser performs brand name marking on plastic water tube

Jan 14 , 2021

RFH UV laser performs brand name marking on plastic water tube

RFH UV laser is used to do antioxidant marking on plastic tube

RFH 3W5W UV laser creates endurable marking on plastic tube

uv laser

To make the patterns and words on the plastic tube more durable, many tube manufacturers choose to use UV laser to mark on the plastic tube. Recently, Mr. Chen, who is a tube producer, ordered two units of UV laser marking machine and selected RFH 355 series UV laser as the laser generator.

RFH UV lasers feature with ultra-compact, high stability, high efficiency, high reliability and excellent laser beam quality.

The  UV laser produced by RFH can solve the problem of marking on glossy tube. Using this UV laser can mark durable patterns and words on the surface of the plastic tube thoroughly against oxidation. This greatly help extend the service lifetime of the plastic tube. 


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