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RFH UV laser R&D technology applied to 3D printing process

Jan 27 , 2021


RFH UV laser R&D technology applied to 3D printing process

The superior beam quality of the RFH UV laser makes 3D printing rapid prototyping possible


Excellence comes from bit by bit accumulation: RFH's 12 years of UV laser research and development technology applied to 3D printing process


Today, the RFH Laser Editor has turned into a "magic" for everyone-with a beam of light, the liquid photopolymer is quickly turned into a solid state, and the shape is the same as the model.


This magic is now widely used, and there are mature applications in medical, automotive, aerospace, etc. It has a professional name, 3D printing. The prop it uses is an advanced equipment-ultraviolet laser.


RFH laser product line has this kind of ultraviolet laser, and it is a high-end laser. The 3w~5w Expert Ⅱ 355 series ultraviolet diode pumped pulsed solid-state lasers are high-end products developed by RFH in 12 years. Its high-end performance is in two aspects: one is performance, and the other is technical control.


In terms of performance, its pulse width is <20ns@30k, so the heat-affected area during processing is small; the beam quality is M2<1.2, and it is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; the ellipticity of the spot is >90%. This is ideal for fine and complex 3D printing processes.


In terms of technical control, the UV laser has the fully digital intelligent power control technology independently developed by RFH, which can update the power control system function modules in time, and improve the function modules according to laser requirements; support communication with the computer, and control the laser through RS232 externally; it has a unique The Q-switching control technology is suitable for various laser application control requirements; the internal cavity self-purification system makes the laser long life and stable operation; the integrated design facilitates equipment integration.


These two aspects make fine and complex 3D printing possible.

UV laser

Excellence comes from accumulation. RFH has worked hard for 12 years and has won high recognition and good reputation from users in all walks of life at home and abroad. It has established an excellent brand image in the nanosecond ultraviolet laser industry.

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