3W,5W,10W uv laser

RFH355nm UV laser marking package date

Jan 18 , 2021

RFH355nm UV laser marking package date

Food safety is no small matter, RFH nanosecond UV laser marking guards the first quality barrier


Speaking of current food, many people are more or less worried. Some people are worried that the ingredients are unsanitary, and some people are worried that the food has expired. RFH Laser Editor often hears news media reports that the environmental hygiene of some food workshops is dirty, messy, and poor, and even unhealthy businesses will re-spray the expired food with the production date and shelf life date to refurbish and sell, which seriously damages consumption. Health. This is also the disadvantage of traditional ink jet coding. Fortunately, the times are constantly progressing, and we ushered in more advanced laser marking technology.

uv laser

Compared with the traditional ink jet coding process, the laser marking process is disruptive.


The laser marking process does not require any chemicals such as ink.

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