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The advantage of the vision uv laser marking system

Feb 20 , 2021

Laser noting is a marking method that utilizes a high-energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface area product or create a chemical reaction to change the color, thereby leaving an irreversible mark.

uv laser

Laser marking can create different words, symbols as well as patterns.

In modern-day commercial production, with the continual improvement of product high quality, the production procedure has become extra strict.

The vision system is composed of an electronic camera, lens, source of light, image processing unit (or photo capture card), image processing software program, communication/input output device, and so on, comparable to the human eye and also mind.

The advantage of the vision marking system

1. Exactly assist the laser marking position.

In the area of sight of equipment vision, it offers omni-directional (disorderly positioning of products, arbitrary placement ,high-precision vision positioning.

2. You can select fixed or flight-guided laser marking to fulfill different needs of clients

3. The laser galvanometer can be instantly calibrated with the vision system, thereforeeliminating the laborious process of manually dealing with the galvanometer

4. Recognition (OCR) of the significant personalities can be compared to barcode and QR code acknowledgment as well as acknowledgment, and the MES system can be attached with the network port or serial port communication

Compared with the conventional laser marking maker, the laser noting maker outfitted with the aesthetic positioning system has the major benefits.

As long as the product is within the handling range of the laser marking scanning galvanometer, it can exact noting,

can incorporate the product position, angle and various other details Feedback to the laser head, to realize an automated positioning and also marking system.

that is, also if the placement is different each time, the processing placement is properlyrecognized.


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