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The RFH UV laser is an important support for 3D SLA light curing technology

Jan 22 , 2021

The RFH laser with superior beam quality is an important support for 3D SLA light curing technology

RFH 355nm UV laser has become a hot new star for SLA light curing 3D printers

The source of the powerful heart of SLA light curing 3D printers: the superior beam quality of RFH UV lasers

For the point-to-line and line-to-surface 3D printing process, RFH ultraviolet laser is indispensable!

SLA, or stereo light curing molding method, is a widely used and very important one of several 3D printing technology molding processes that are currently widely used. It has a wide range of applications in aviation, automotive, microelectronics, medical and other industries.


The principle of SLA light curing is to use a specific intensity of laser to focus and irradiate the surface of the light curing material (liquid polymer) to complete the printing on a layer from point to line and line to surface. After the layer is completed, proceed On the next layer, layers are superimposed to form a three-dimensional solid product. There are three difficulties in this technology: light curing materials, light curing systems and operating software systems. To complete an SLA project, the three are indispensable, especially the light curing system, which must be stable and precise enough.


At present, the industry mainly uses ultraviolet lasers known as "cold processing" as SLA light curing systems. The 3W-5W 355nm ultraviolet laser developed and produced by RFH Laser Company is such a high-quality ultraviolet laser that can be used in SLA light curing manufacturing.


RFH 355nm ultraviolet laser, short pulse width (<14ns@30K), superior beam quality (M2<1.2), strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges, perfect spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90%), which can meet process requirements The very high SLA provides stable curing light, which supports the efficient and high-quality completion of the processing from point to line to surface, layer by layer.


The high quality of RFH 355nm ultraviolet laser has multiple guarantees:

1. Quality assurance of product parts procurement

The core components of RFH laser pump and Q switch are imported brands, and the parts cooperate with domestic first-line brand suppliers to ensure the quality of each part from the source of the material procurement ecological chain, which is a guarantee for users' confidence.


2. Rigorous quality management system guarantee

RFH lasers are strictly controlled from procurement, quality inspection before production, to assembly, finished product testing, warehousing quality inspection, and then to pre-delivery inspections to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. Therefore, Only with high-quality laser products, users have a reputation.


Third, the doctoral team technical guarantee

RFH has a top laser research and development team composed of professors and doctors from Tsinghua University. The team independently develops the laser dedicated power control system and the overall stable operation of the entire laser system to ensure that it always maintains stable quality under harsh conditions. The team has obtained 10 national patent certificates, 14 computer software copyright certificates, and won the "National High-tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise", "Software Enterprise Certification Certificate" and other certificates, and was innovated by the Guangdong 3D printing industry The Alliance and Guangdong Laser Industry Association were appointed as the governing units.


After 12 years of hard work, RFH Laser has won high recognition from users in all walks of life at home and abroad, and established an excellent brand image.

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