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The superior stable beam of the RFH UV laser, marking package date

Jan 18 , 2021

The superior stable beam of the RFH UV laser, marking  package date

Food safety is no small matter, RFH nanosecond UV laser marking guards the first quality barrier


Speaking of current food, many people are more or less worried. Some people are worried that the ingredients are unsanitary, and some people are worried that the food has expired. RFH Laser Editor often hears news media reports that the environmental hygiene of some food workshops is dirty, messy, and poor, and even unhealthy businesses will re-spray the expired food with the production date and shelf life date to refurbish and sell, which seriously damages consumption. Health. This is also the disadvantage of traditional ink jet coding. Fortunately, the times are constantly progressing, and we ushered in more advanced laser marking technology.

uv laser

Compared with the traditional ink jet coding process, the laser marking process is disruptive.


The laser marking process does not require any chemicals such as ink. It directly shines a high-energy laser beam on the packaging bag to form a burning trace, which is also a mark. This kind of mark will not be wiped off and will be permanent. This is just a rudimentary mark. We can also mark pattern information such as QR codes, and accurately manage and supervise the entire series of food production, packaging, delivery and sales through the QR code, which is the “tracing system” in the industry, which level appears Any problems can be traced and accountable through the QR code. For consumers, this is a tangible quality guarantee. It is also beneficial to the environment because it does not need to add any environmentally harmful chemicals.


With these obvious advantages, laser marking has become the mainstream process for marking the date of packaging bags. In this mainstream process, nanosecond ultraviolet lasers are the mainstream equipment. Next, let's look at the RFH laser editor to give you a detailed explanation.


RFHExpert Ⅱ 355 series of nanosecond ultraviolet lasers are very popular in the packaging bag date marking processing industry. Its power range is 3.0w-5.0w, the pulse width is short (<14ns@30K); the beam quality is superior (M2<1.2), and it is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; the spot characteristics are perfect (the spot ellipticity>90% ). Therefore, it is very suitable for fine marking of food, medical packaging and other materials, and because the beam quality is stable enough, it is also particularly suitable for high-speed assembly line batch marking processing.



Food safety is no small matter. RFH nanosecond UV laser marking guards the first quality barrier. Of course, many users who purchase RFH nanosecond ultraviolet lasers are not only used for marking the date of packaging bags, but also other businesses, because the RFH nanosecond ultraviolet laser has an integrated design and unique Q-switching control technology ( Thanks to the efforts of the RFH doctoral level R&D team), it is suitable for a variety of laser application control needs, and one machine has multiple uses.


Technology is the prerequisite and the production attitude is the guarantee. In terms of production and assembly processes, we are very rigorous, from purchasing and pre-production quality inspection control, to assembly, finished product testing, warehousing quality inspection, and then to pre-delivery inspection, we strictly control each level to ensure stable quality And equipment parameters are consistent with actual operating parameters. Because of this, RFH can provide the industry with lasers with excellent performance and longevity, and win the high recognition and good reputation of users from all walks of life at home and abroad, and establish an excellent brand image.

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