3W,5W,10W uv laser


Feb 02 , 2021

Permanent marking, etching, and engraving technology has become an essential element to today’s manufacturing companies. Track and trace capabilities enable greater control throughout the industrial environment, improving productivity and profitability while helping to reduce counterfeiting – even ensuring your products are connected to the IIoT.

uv laser

While it’s important to choose the right equipment for your applications, whether laser, dot peen, or other marking solution, it’s also important to select the right provider.

Who’s going to service you if a machine goes down?  Who’s going to work with the evolving needs of your operation to find you the best long-term solution?

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a marking equipment provider. So before you decide, be sure to ask the right questions based on their capabilities, service offerings, experience, and customer service.


Is direct part marking the main focus of their business?

Can they provide custom solutions/configurations if you need a specific function for your application?

How do they ensure the quality and longevity of all components used in the complete system?

Can they customize the marking software and/or provide a bi-directional configuration for your database?

How do they ensure that your equipment is delivered with the expected quality and functionality?

Do they offer free equipment and/or software training, either onsite or online, after the machine is installed?

What communication protocols do they support and what is the integration time?

Do they offer a system warranty and what does this warranty cover?

How will they support you when you encounter equipment issues or need a replacement part after installation?

If your equipment goes down, what is their process to get you back in production quickly and efficiently?

Do they offer application support?

Do their systems meet laser safety requirements and do they have laser safety-certified employees?

Do they have any customer testimonials or case studies?

Is their comp

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