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Ultraviolet laser cutting machine is the most commonly used equipment

May 17 , 2021

Ultraviolet laser cutting machine is the most commonly used equipment in the field of micro-precision laser processing. It is mainly used for precision laser cutting, resistance adjustment, etching, scribing, drilling and other applications. It is commonly used in 3C electronics, medical, photovoltaic, automotive, aerospace And many other fields. Common cutting application materials include PCB, FPC, IC, PI film, PET film, ultra-thin metal, glass, silicon wafer, ceramics and other materials. The main factor to measure whether a material can be processed by an ultraviolet laser cutting machine and whether it can meet the processing requirements is the technical parameters of the ultraviolet laser cutting machine.


uv laser

       The processing method of the ultraviolet laser cutting machine is to scan through the galvanometer, the XY table drives the material to move, and the cutting is formed by the scanning and peeling of the high-speed galvanometer. The 355nm wavelength is the wavelength range of the ultraviolet laser. According to different processing requirements, there are also wavelengths such as 303, 320, 375, and 400nm. It is an important indicator that determines whether the material can be effectively processed by this wavelength laser.



       The UV laser cutting machine uses the galvanometer to scan and peel back and forth. The single processing format refers to the effective scanning range of the galvanometer. The smaller the scanning range of the galvanometer, the smaller the focused spot and the smaller the thermal influence. The scanning range used for ultraviolet laser cutting machines is usually 40*40mm/60*60mm, etc. Of course, customers who do not require high processing accuracy can choose the range of 110*110mm, and the same processing accuracy requirements can be 15* 15mm scanning lens.



       Ultraviolet laser cutting machine is a high-precision scientific and technological product with a wide range of applications. Technical parameters are an important indicator to measure the accuracy, quality and efficiency of the product, and are also an important reference for the price of ultraviolet laser cutting equipment.

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