3W,5W,10W uv laser

UV laser engraving on phone case

Mar 31 , 2021

Phone cases engraving come in various materials such as leather, wood, plastic. Do not use any material that might contain PVC as this can generate harmful fumes and cause damage to your laser. Phones perform a variety of tasks, from shopping to gaming to map to reminder to picture to booking a flight to booking tickets to making hotel reservations, etc.

This explains why personalised touch is added to phone cases to make them fancy through phone case laser engraving. With this attachment to phones, people want to personalise them with images, monograms, rhinestones and other forms of decorations.

Whatever sublimation phone case you are engraving, you need to determine the material. Some phone cases can be engraved using a co2 laser.  Any laser engravable plastic that is 1/32″ thick or less should work fine.

One of the most common requests for phone case engraving is monogram and there are many fonts to create monograms. A template that works with personalised phone cases can be downloaded. Templates are available in EPS format if you don’t use CorelDraw.

uv laser

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