3W,5W,10W uv laser

UV laser is especially suitable for PE film coding, with high light stability

Apr 23 , 2021

UV laser cold light source can avoid thermal deformation of PE film when marking date

PE film can be used as the inner layer of food bags, clothing bags, composite bags, and packaging for cosmetics, pickles and pastries.


Because PE film is easily deformed by heat, it is necessary to use the ultraviolet laser which is the father of cold processing to mark the bar code or the production date on its surface

. The wavelength of the UV laser is 355nm, the beam quality is good, the focused spot is small, and the processing heat-affected zone is small. It is very suitable for ultra-fine marking and marking of PE film materials. It will not produce thermal effects and will not cause material scorching problems. Moreover, it has the characteristic of fast marking speed , high efficiency, stable performance, small size, low power consumption and other advantages.



Based on 13 years of solid-state laser research and development experience, RFH has newly launched pulsed ultraviolet solid-state lasers for the applications to PE film coding , which are smaller in size, more exquisite in design, and more stable in light output.

uv laser


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