3W,5W,10W uv laser

uv laser marking on crystal

Mar 26 , 2021

Acrylic laser engraving machine is used for almost all engraving purposes on cast acrylics, when engraved, it produces a white, frosty look  in contrast to the clear material using a CO2 laser. The laser engraving produces polished cutting edges and inner contours, no additional post-processing of the material is required.

There is a need to change the orientation of your laser to begin engraving from the bottom of the material upwards when using the acrylic laser engraving machine. This simple process will minimise the amount of particles being exhausted over previously engraved material which can re-deposit on the warm core and make cleaning difficult.

For a white engraving image using acrylic laser engraving machine: no Z-Offset and Air Assist on.

For a glossy-transparent engraving image using acrylic laser engraving machine: Z-Offset of + 1 mm and Air Assist off.

The quality of engraving is also affected by the purity of the acrylic. Cheaper acrylic doesn’t usually engrave very clean due to inconsistent melting points over the sheet material.

A common laser engraving technique on clear (cast) acrylic is to mirror the engraving on the back side of the perspex. This produces a ‘look through effect’ from the front of the surface. Your material has to be  reversed prior to starting an engraving job like this.

uv laser

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