3W,5W,10W uv laser

UV light face mask?

Feb 22 , 2021

uv laser

I was wondering if any one has tried to developed a face mask that uses UV light to sterilize air coming in unlike the N95 or surgical mask that just filter air.

I tried to look online for any type of item, but could not find any.

It may not be a novel ideal... I did see some type of PAPER cleaner system that used UV to clean, and a face mask that uses UV for acne...

I was hopeful that a device like this could not just filter the air, but sterilize it, and be even better, and safer.

Distance and time exposed to the UV light/or non-thermal plasma will be the two biggest factors to overcome.

My first thought was something like a light that I could clip onto my hat, to shin light down sterilizing air as I breath.

I do not think this ideal will work, for the time exposed to UV light may not be enough to have any affect, and UV light is not very healthy.

Then I was thinking of something that could be placed on the end of your nose like one of those breath strips, but be made to hold a device of some sort.

A wet handkerchief may work just as well thought.. I guess I have not seen any big technological advances in surgical masks, and from the n2019CoV mask shortage was trying to think out of the box for a solution.


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