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What applications does laser welding machine have?

Mar 05 , 2021

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What applications does laser welding machine have? 

Laser welding machine is a kind of application in the field of welding machine, is one of an important aspect of laser material processing technology, according to the way it works can be divided into the mould and laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, fiber laser welding machine, such as the laser welding machine can be used in what industry?

Here is the introduction of laser welding machine four application industries.

Manufacturing application of laser welding machine is widely used in automobile manufacture at home and abroad. In Japan, CO2 laser welder was used to replace flash butt welding for the connection of steel rolling coil. In the research of ultra-thin plate welding, such as foil with plate thickness of less than 100 microns, there was no way to fuse welding, but YAG laser welding with special output power waveform was successful, which showed the broad future of laser welding.

Powder metallurgy field of science and technology development, many industrial technology has special requirements on material, the traditional technology of manufacturing material can not meet the requirements. Laser welding machine into the field of powder metallurgy materials processing, for the application of powder metallurgy materials brought new development prospects, such as using powder metallurgy material connection that is commonly used in welding diamond brazing method, because of low bonding strength, heat affected zone width especially cannot adapt to solder melting loss caused by high temperature and high strength requirements, using a laser welding machine can improve the weld strength and high temperature resistant performance.

Electronic industrial laser welding machine in the electronic industry, has been widely used. Because laser welding has a small heat-affected area, rapid heating concentration and low thermal stress, it shows unique advantages in the packaging of integrated circuits and semiconductor devic

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