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what are the main considerations when choosing a fiber laser marking machine?

Mar 16 , 2021

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what are the main considerations when choosing a fiber laser marking machine? 

What is a fiber laser marking machine? Fiber laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking machine, its principle is to output laser through laser, and then realize marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer system. Compared with ordinary laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines have the characteristics of higher photoelectric conversion rate, faster marking speed, smaller volume, air-cooled cooling system, and strong output beam quality stability. They are widely used in various industries. .

So the question is, what are the main considerations when choosing a fiber laser marking machine? What are the main factors affecting the quality of fiber laser marking machine? Triumphlaser professional engineer for 17 years tells you that the core three elements of the quality of fiber laser marking machine.

First, the scanning galvanometer system. The scanning laser galvanometer is the core component of the marking machine. The performance of the marking machine mainly depends on the performance of the scanning laser galvanometer, and the marking function is realized through this system.

Second, the cooling method of the laser marking machine. The cooling system is the prerequisite for the stability and continuous marking of the entire laser machine. The heat not only affects the escape of the laser, but also affects the circuit system. The fiber laser marking machine uses an air cooling device to lower the body The internal temperature reduces machine failure, improves equipment stability, and has the characteristics of small size and fast heat dissipation.

Third, fiber lasers, fiber lasers have adopted a more efficient design and a telecommunication-grade single-core junction pump source. The fiber laser does not need to adjust the optical device, and it is maintenance-free or low-maintenance. The fiber laser has a compact structure, small volume, and easy system integration.


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