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Which UV laser marking systems is right for you?

Mar 22 , 2021

Tips for laser marking systems 

Need A Laser marking Systems?

Whether that need is for company branding or to meet industrial and government regulations, manufactures are using laser marking systems to mark and engrave permanent identification on their metal and plastic parts.


Permanent Identification Marks:

Serial Numbers, Date Codes

1D and 2D Barcodes, UDI Codes

Regulation Compliance Marking

MFG Lot/Batch Number Tracking

Logos, Graphics, or any Custom Mark

Which laser marking systems is right for you?

Selecting the right laser marking systems for your application is based on a number of factors. You’ll need to consider what type of material you are marking, what type of marking process you need, the depth and quality of mark desired, the cycle time and of course the budget. Below is an overview of the different types of laser marking processes. The easiest approach is to send us your part samples to have tested in our laser lab.Contact us and let us help you choose the rightlaser marking systems for your laser application.

Laser marking processes:

TRIUMPHLASER provides laser systems for: annealing, dark marking, engraving, etching, ablation and foaming.

Laser annealing/dark marking

The marking process of annealing is basically a thermal reaction. No material is removed like with the engraving process. Annealing occers when the laser beam applies low heat to the surface of a parts material, slightly altering its properties, creating oxide layers. The result is a visible and permanent mark, but it cannot be felt since the material is not upset, moved or displaced by this marking process. This type of mark is also referred to as a heat mark.

Annealing can result in a variety of colors, but the result is completely determined by the parts material composition and how it reacts to the oxide layers. Best color results are seen on titanium and steel. Most heat marks will result in a dark or black mark. Which is why this process is commonly also referred to as black annealing or dark marking.

What types of material can

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