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Why UV laser marking machine is so popular in marking mobile phone chargers

Mar 12 , 2021

Why UV laser marking machine is so popular in marking mobile phone chargers

Mobile phone charger (also called power adapter). There are many types of chargers, including travel chargers, USB chargers, mobile phone case chargers and so on. No matter what type it is, it will have an area to identify the charger’s specification certification, logo, input, output, implementation standard, model and other identification information. These identifications include mold injection, labeling, silk screen printing, laser Marked.

uv laser

UV laser marking machine

In recent years, the most popular among consumers is the mobile phone chargers logo by laser marking machine. However, not all laser marking machines can meet the demand for marking the charger shell. If the marking effect is not good, it means that the product efficiency cannot keep up. Triumph Laser recommends that you use Triumph UV laser marking machine. 


Main advantages of UV laser marking machine:


1.  high beam quality, small focus spot, making marking finer and higher definition;       

2. Small heat affected area, no thermal effect, avoiding deformation, damage or scorching of processed materials; 3. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, which solves the problems of insufficient detail and poor effect of fiber laser marking for many materials; 

4. Fast marking speed and high efficiency;  

5. No consumables, environmental protection and convenient maintenance.


Why UV laser marking machine is so popular in marking mobile phone chargers?


uv laser marking samples 4

Reasons why Consumers like:the logo is fine and clear, permanent, beautiful and high-end. 


Reasons why manufacturers like:


1. It can improve the grade and image of the product to achieve beautiful and practical effects;

2. consumers like it;

3. The mark is permanent and will not fade due to environmental factors (touch, acid and alkaline gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.). It has strong anti-counterfeiting to a certain extent;  

4. Non-contact processing: the workpiece will not produce internal stress after laser marking, ensuring the original accuracy of the workpiece;  

5. High marking accuracy: the objects marked by the laser marking machine have fine patterns, fine and clear, beautiful and good hand feeling, and the minimum line width can reach 0.01mm, which can meet the needs of engraving large amounts of data on extremely small workpieces;     

6. Wide range of application: it can be applied to marking almost any material;  

7. Low operating cost: The laser marking machine can mark in one step, with fast marking speed and low energy consumption, without consumables, so the operating cost is low;  

8. High processing efficiency: The laser marking machine is controlled by an industrial computer. The laser beam under computer control can move at high speed, and the marking process can be completed within a few seconds; 9. Fast editing and development: both marking and marking. The graphics and text information marked by the laser marking machine are all edited in real time by the computer, no need to open the mold to make the plate, whether it is text, serial number, LOGO, certification symbol, QR code, etc., as long as the computer can draw the vector diagram Or text, laser marking machine can mark out;

10. Simple operation: No experience is required. Triumph Laser will conduct professional one-on-one training operations for customers until the customer’s operators can operate the equipment correctly and skillfully, which can generally be learned within 2 hours;


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