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15W UV laser metal shell peeling paint no consumables

Jul 22 , 2021

15W UV laser metal shell peeling paint no consumables


In daily life or work, we often have many metal products, such as kitchen appliances, hardware sanitary ware, etc. However, these metal products are not directly exposed to the outside, often there are some coatings on the surface, so that the product It has been greatly improved in terms of aesthetics, practicability, and stability. For the needs of the later period, people often use laser peeling machine to create various patterns, patterns, logos, etc. on the surface of the product.


Cross paint aluminum film laser peeling paint

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Laser peeling paint machine, also known as laser marking machine, uses the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the paint layer on the surface by laser beam irradiation, and high-intensity vibration to directly shake the peeled paint layer on the surface. Expose the deep material, or cause the chemical and physical changes of the surface material to engrave marks on the surface. Another way of working is to use light energy to burn off some of the material attached to the surface of the material (such as paint, etc.), showing the etched Patterns, texts, barcodes and other graphics.


Metal shell peeling paint

Using a laser marking machine to strip the paint of the metal shell coating is a fast and efficient method. Compared with the traditional paint remover, alkali liquid paint removal, flame paint removal, and mechanical paint removal methods, laser peeling paint The advantages of the machine are electricity only, no consumables, simple operation, safety and pollution-free, beautiful and clear effects.


And laser paint peeling machine can be widely used in peeling paint of various metal materials, it can also be used for keyboard marking, plastic product engraving, mobile phone case marking, etc., and it has a wide range of uses.

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