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355 nanosecond UV laser cutting coaster cutting edge smooth without burrs

Jul 27 , 2021

355 nanosecond UV laser cutting coaster cutting edge smooth without burrs


In winter, a cup of steaming tea starts a warm day. However, do you feel bad about the table because the hot tea leaves traces? Then, we need a coaster, a coaster that combines beauty and practicality. , For us to find a balance in the hot warmth.


Speaking of coasters, the common types of coasters on the market include paper coasters, wooden coasters, plastic coasters, and felt cloth coasters. So, how are they made? RFH laser takes you to understand laser cut coasters.


A coaster, placed on the table, is not only heat insulation and anti-scalding, but also a kind of decoration and an embellishment of life. Chuangxuan laser coaster laser cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting, which can prevent material deformation to a large extent. The cutting edge is smooth without burrs, smooth lines, and beautiful craftsmanship.

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The production of wooden coasters usually combines two processes of laser cutting and engraving. Wood is used as the raw material to cut various beautiful shapes, and then use the laser engraving process to carve various patterns on the wood, making the coasters full of retro atmosphere. The non-contact processing has no equipment abrasion, and no impact, deformation, loss, etc. to the wooden product itself. The wood properties are completely preserved and optimized on the basis of it, forming a unique style coaster.


Plastic coasters are used in various occasions because of their good heat insulation, bright colors and bright colors. The coasters cut by the coaster laser cutting machine have neat shapes, smooth edges and no burrs. They are used by many coaster manufacturers. The coaster is being cut.


The felt fabric coaster is loved by most families because of its light weight and easy retractable, low price and high cost performance. The coaster laser cutting machine generates heat by irradiating the surface of the felt fabric with a beam of light to achieve the felt fabric cutting effect. Compared with the traditional process , The laser cutting machine can cut as well as engrave, with high precision and smooth cut, which can cut more patterns and shapes, and increase the aesthetics on the basis of practicability.

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