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355 nanosecond UV laser cutting soft plush slippers simple operation and high efficiency

Jul 22 , 2021

355 nanosecond UV laser cutting soft plush slippers simple operation and high efficiency


On a cold winter day, do you feel that your feet are cold, your legs are cold, and your body is trembling? You need a pair of soft and comfortable fur slippers to warm your feet and make your feet warm like spring in the severe cold. Cold starts from the feet, and warmth starts from the feet. A pair of warm plush slippers, warm and care for you from your feet!


Soft plush slippers, a must for warmth in winter

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Speaking of the production of plush slippers, one has to talk about the cutting problem of raw plush fabric cutting. The long fluff is warm and soft, but it is not easy to cut. The fabric laser cutting machine can help you solve the problem, which is efficient and convenient. The fabric laser heat cutting machine uses a non-contact cutting method. First, the shape to be cut is imported into the computer, and the cutting path is drawn by the computer. Then the fabric laser heat cutting machine cuts according to the set path, and the cutting edge is flat without fraying. The later pressing process is easy to operate. Compared with the traditional cutting method, Chuangxuan's fabric laser heat cutting machine has the following advantages: (1) accurate cutting; (2) automatic seam, no pressing process (3) intelligent typesetting, saving raw materials; (4) simple operation; (5) High efficiency;

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