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355 UV laser marking plastic ABS, PC, PP, PS, PPS, PP, PVC, PE

Sep 22 , 2022

355 UV laser marking plastic ABS, PC, PP, PS, PPS, PP, PVC, PE


Plastic materials include ABS, PC, PP, PS, PPS, PP, PVC, PE, etc., and these raw materials will be processed in various ways in the later stage. In short, there are at least thousands of materials.


So, which laser marking machine is the best for marking plastic materials?


Because different kinds of lasers emit different wavelengths of light. The penetration ability of different lasers is also different; and the adaptability of different lasers has an impact on the marking quality and marking speed, so the types of laser marking machines used for plastics of different materials and plastics of the same material and different purities will be different. In addition, each customer's marking requirements are different, so which laser marking machine is more suitable for your product needs to be tested before it can be determined. Yiqiang Laser will test the customer before purchasing the laser equipment, and select the suitable laser marking machine for the customer.


So, what types (light source classification) laser marking machines can be used for marking plastics? ——Optical fiber, green light, ultraviolet, carbon dioxide laser marking machine can mark on plastic.


1. Optical fiber: suitable for plastic materials with high ignition point in the marking part (such as PC, ABS).


2. Carbon dioxide: mainly suitable for acrylic.


3. Ultraviolet: suitable for most plastic materials, mainly used in meticulous processing.


If it is said that which laser marking machine is used to mark plastic parts more carefully, it is the ultraviolet laser marking machine, but its price is more expensive than the laser marking machine of other light sources.

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