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355nm UV laser marking mobile phone case

Aug 05 , 2022

355nm UV laser marking mobile phone case

Mobile phone accessories have always been a relatively popular industry, and exquisite accessories are matched with mobile phones to give people a different feeling. Mobile phone accessories include mobile phone pendants, mobile phone cases, etc., and the mobile phone accessories that are processed on mobile phone accessories using laser marking machines have unique effects. The laser marking machine for mobile phone shells is exquisitely and permanently marked, and there will be no fading and falling off of patterns and fonts, and through computer-controlled marking, various patterns can be identified.

At present, there are not only many styles of mobile phone cases, but also various materials. So what happens when mobile phone cases of various materials encounter the opportunity of laser marking? Let's take a look together!



Mobile phone case laser engraving sample


The first thing I want to talk about is this year's popular tempered glass mobile phone case. The mobile phone case made of glass has a mirror-like appearance, which perfectly realizes the touch and beauty of glass. The pattern or text marked on the machine is instantly addictive.


UV laser marking machine


Silicone mobile phone case is a colorless and odorless mobile phone sheath made of silicone raw material through vulcanization molding. The mobile phone case has also received the favor of the majority of consumers.


The wooden mobile phone case has no obvious reaction to cold and heat, and it is not cold in winter.

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