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5 Watt uv laser marking stethoscope to protect your health

Sep 22 , 2021

5 Watt uv laser marking stethoscope to protect your health


Every doctor’s stethoscope has a different story. This story can be a legend, it can be hard, it can also be plain. The medical device laser marking machine writes the feelings of the doctor to protect the patient, and interprets the persistence and responsibility of the doctor.


355nm laser marking stethoscope


The stethoscope is the "cultural symbol" of doctors. However, with the development of medical machines, the frequency of clinical use of stethoscopes is much lower than before, but the stethoscope is still irreplaceable. For clinicians, a good stethoscope is very important. The laser-marked stethoscope allows doctors to better listen to "heart sounds".


UV laser marking stethoscope


Early years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has implemented medical product identification regulations, and it is mandatory for all product devices to have a unique identification number (UDI). The laser marking machine is used to leave a permanent mark on the stethoscope and other medical equipment, which will not fade away due to repeated disinfection and clarity.


Laser marking machine customizes exclusive stethoscope for physicians

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Therefore, the medical equipment laser marking machine customizes the exclusive stethoscope for doctors, which can not only show the doctor's own style, but also travel through strangers, narrow the distance between doctors and patients, and establish a good doctor-patient relationship. The small stethoscope is not only the carrier of medical skills and ethics, but also the hub of communication between doctors and patients. In the doctor's hands, carefully listen to the voice of the human body, distinguish the differences, and look for various cruxes.


Laser marking machine high-precision marking stethoscope


Health is tied to life and life. The dedicated medical equipment laser marking machine marks stethoscopes, even in the face of incomprehension and doubts, will still keep walking, helping doctors to go all out for every life! Ordinary breeds greatness, dedication breeds sublime, and the doctors use selfless spirit to compose a moving movement of wonderful hand rejuvenation.

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