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Does the 532nm green laser marking machine have any adverse effects on the human body?

Oct 13 , 2021

Does the 532nm green laser marking machine have any adverse effects on the human body?


Laser marking machine is a very common marking equipment in my country's industrial field. It uses a laser beam to act on the surface of a material to achieve the effect of marking. It has many characteristics such as permanent and anti-counterfeiting. However, many people think that the laser marking machine uses the effect of laser, and if it is used for a long time, it will cause harm to the human body. What are the adverse effects of laser marking opportunities on the human body? Let's take a look at it together.


Green laser marking machine


First of all, many people think that the laser marking operation will have high radiation to the human body. Through scientific research, the human body can receive radiation within one thousand units. If more than one thousand units, the harm to the human body is very obvious. In our daily life, mobile phones and other electronic devices are indispensable. They all produce radiation. Radiation is definitely generated during the operation and processing of the standard machine, but it is far lower than the radiation of the mobile phone, so the harm to the human body is almost negligible.


The claim that laser marking opportunities produce toxic gases is also untenable


Secondly, it is not true that the laser marking machine produces toxic gases. The laser marking machine relies on the heat of the laser to process the surface of the marking object, so as to achieve the marking effect. In the marking process of different materials, a small part of it will Produce toxic gas, but the amount is small, for example, plastic will release a large amount of gas containing carbon monoxide. Secondly, most processed metal materials have stable performance and high density, and the probability of generating toxic gases is small. However, if the marking material is aluminum, there will be less powder generation. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to operate and clean under good ventilation conditions. When using professional equipment.


Do not look directly at the laser for a long time


The hazards of lasers may be the most important thing that laser marking machines should understand. The laser will be accompanied by high heat, most of which are invisible infrared light. When operating, you must prevent the range of the direct beam from the eyes, and do not place any part of the body under the laser beam marked by the laser to avoid causing damage to the human skin. Burns. At the same time, the laser emitted by the laser marking machine may also cause damage to eyesight. It is important to pay attention to the very high laser brightness during the marking operation of glass products. The eyesight can cause damage to the eyes, and it may cause damage to the lens for a long time. Therefore, during the operation of the equipment, you must wear protective equipment and do not look directly at the laser for a long time.

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To sum up, the laser marking machine will produce a small amount of radiation, but the harm to the human body is almost zero. However, it will cause damage to the eyes if you look directly at or direct the laser. The probability of these occurrences is also relatively small, so when you operate It must be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications.

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