3W,5W,10W uv laser

fabric laser engraving can be done directly without diminishing the durability of the material

Mar 29 , 2021

Modern fabrics, spacer fabrics, fleece and felt, as well as glass fiber fabric, thermo-resistant and other technical textiles can be engraved using a fabric laser engraving machine. In particular, the contactless processing with the laser beam and the distortion-free engraving involved, as well as the high precision are crucial for the use of fabric laser engraving machine technology in textile processing.

They may seem delicate, many different fabric laser engraving can actually be done directly without diminishing the durability of the material. Fabrics such as; cotton, linen, satin, nylon, felt pen, jeans, viscose, lace and silk can be engraved with a perfect finishing using a fabric laser engraving machine. Laser engraving creates a tangible tactile effect. In this way, end products can be given a special finish.

When engraving on fabric, it is advisable to use a high speed and low power setting in order to quickly burn away the top layer of fabric. High power tends to burn your material.

uv laser

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