3W,5W,10W uv laser

With a co2 laser, you can engrave paper and cardboard

Mar 29 , 2021

Paper laser engraving machines can engrave paper, which opens up the door of design.  Whether you are creating logos, photos or ornaments for personalised cards, you always get accurate engravings with a laser. With a co2 laser, you can engrave paper and cardboard. During paper laser engraving, the surface of the paper is removed and the result is a high-quality finish. This gives you a total freedom to implement your ideas.

Coloured paper based materials can be laser marked with a paper laser engraving beam. The energy of the paper laser engraving machine beam is absorbed by the coloured dye, causing it to decompose. This reveals the natural colour of the paper based material, without substantial material removal. Paper laser marking can be used to create designs or to convey information.


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