3W,5W,10W uv laser

green laser marker cold light source engraving perfume bottle

Sep 24 , 2021

green laser marker cold light source engraving perfume bottle


When the world’s first bottle of perfume was born

It is inseparable from the delicate container that holds it.

Sight is as important as smell

Before you smell the perfume

The bottle can give the most direct sensory experience


Perfume bottle laser engraving machine, take you into the elegant kingdom of perfume


Each perfume bottle is colorful and different

Exquisite and moving like a jewelry box

The light passes through the transparent bottle and the drenched air

Refracts warm light

It is safe, reliable, and warm

Every detail on the bottle has the footprint of laser engraving machine craftsmanship

Whether it's a plethora of gorgeous flowers, or simple and pure lines

Reflected in the multi-colored water in the bottle

Like a midsummer night's dream in the perfume world


The characteristics of laser personalized customization have set off a heat wave in the perfume industry


Engraving the individual logo on the bottle body, whether it is a simple blessing

Or a special anniversary, full of affection

Let perfumes with a limited taste period be permanently collected

Open the perfume bottle, the faint fragrance lingers

Light up the special memory of a certain person in my heart, a certain time

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Laser engraving machine gives perfume new life


Concretize the soul of perfume

Give people the most intuitive soul shock

Arouse people's recognition and resonance for beauty

Feel the beautiful world of fragrance among the laser-engraved perfume bottles

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